Structural repair projects require an in-depth knowledge of materials and engineering principles and disciplines to overcome some of the many challenges in modern construction. Our design engineers have worked on both old and new projects to overcome both structural and non-structural issues using the many resources available to us. Projects undertaken include fire-damaged buildings, buildings with structural problems, unsound concrete and other types of common repairs to weakened buildings. As well as using advanced cement/polymer repair materials we apply all types of strengthening materials such as carbon fibre and mechanical fastening systems. We offer a comprehensive list of services that as well as repair and strengthening works it also includes cutting, coring and all types structure modification. The table shows a selected list of some of the projects we have successfully undertaken, detailed references and case histories as available by request.



pix-service-concreteTrepax were awarded a contract to remove and repair damaged concrete and reinforcing bar as well as apply carbon fibre composites to strengthen floor areas of an old partially completed building. The project was being converted into a 35-floor twin tower residential project after several years standing as a half completed and abandoned hotel project in Pattaya, Thailand. The name of the project is Northshore Condominium and we faced many challenges and issues during the project implementation in order to hand over a successful job to a satisfied client.




The repairing works was separated into two phases one for inspection and repair of defects in the main concrete structure such as beams and columns. Another was for the placement of carbon fibre composite to floor and ceiling areas to increase the usable load from the original design load. The 1st phase was achieved through a detailed installation procedure that indentified the defects and listed the repair method and materials to be used to carry out the repairs effectively. The 2nd phase was to place strips of carbon fibre with an epoxy based composite to load bearing areas on all existing floors of the structure. This was subsequently load tested to prove the strengthening had achieved the design goals required.



This building is loacted at the seashore and was partially completed with much of the rebar exposed. The project was poorly constructed and concrete cover over rebar was below international standards. The result was carbonation of the concrete structure and chloride contamination of the rebar caused by the saline atmosphere. All this issues lead to many types of defect in the structure such as cracks, concrete dis-bondment and heavy corrosion of rebar. In order to make good the concrete with replacement materials, difficult demolition was needed to allow for cleaning and replacing of rebar so it was in a passive state. To do this effectively to the specifications and schedule was a challenge of the highest order. The completed project now stands proud as part of Pattaya's skyline as a monument to modern construction.



PROJECT  CLIENT  Repair Method 
 World Trade Center  Siam Syntech  Column Strengthening
 Baiyoke Tower II  BSY Construction  Epoxy Grouting
 Secon Square  Italian Thai  Crack Injection Repair
 Future Park Rangsit  Nawrat Pattanakarn  Crack Injection Repair
 Bang Na Complex  Thai Konoike  Crack Injection Repair
 Siam Discovery  Siam Syntech  Structure Strengthening
 Central Plaza Rama III  C.E.S.  Concrete Repair
 Thai Olefin  Thai Olefin  Repair Structure
 EGAT Rachaburi  Sino Thai  Crack Injection Repair
 Tesco Lotus Hypermarket  Thai Obayashi  Crack Injection Repair
 BTS Mass Transit  Italian Thai Development  Crack Injection Repair
 BMW  Bilfinger Berger  Grout and Repair
 Bitec Convention Center  Bilfinger Berger  Grout and Crack Injection
 USA Embassy  Civil 9  Repair Structure
 Ajinomoto  Thai Nishimatsu  Repair Structure
 Thai Arrow  Thai Obayashi  Crack Injection Repair
 Watsuta Building  Thai Obayashi  Carbon Fibre FRP
 North Shore Condo  K-Tech  Carbon Fibre FRP
 North Shore Condo  K-Tech  Concrete Repair
 Regent Complex  Regent Complex  Carbon Fibre FRP
 Mitsubishi Turbo  Thai Shimizu  Crack Injection Repair
 MK Resturants  MK Resturants  Repair Structure
 Thai Royal Familiy Air Fleet Facility  Thai Royal Familiy Air Fleet Facility  Repair Structure
 Bridgestone  Thai Fukoda  Crack Injection Repair
 Thai Tap Water Supply  Ch. Charnchang  Repair Structure
 RDC Surathani  TIESCO  Crack Injection Repair