Corrosion Protection is about engineered solutions; this is a combination of materials, design and detailing, preparation, installation and preventive maintenance. All the listed factors, brought together in the right balance are essential components if long-term benefits are to be realised. This business is high value and there is no room for error as the implications of asset failure and environmental damage is huge. Trepax has experience in all types of high-end corrosion protection dealing with applications such as chemical containment, process vessels, chemical storage under extremes of temperature, pressure, chemical concentrations and erosion of corrosive media. In conjunction with our principals we offer engineered solutions to complex issues using both traditional materials such as bricks, tiles and rubber sheet as well as more modern materials such as glass fibre/glass flake reinforced linings. We also offer solutions based on the new technology materials that use fluoropolymers and other advanced materials. Trepax has real world experience in many demanding projects the table shows a selected list of some of our typical applications. Full reference lists and case histories are available on request.



pix-service-corrosion01Sepon Copper and Gold Mine project is located in Laos and is based on leading mining technology. As part of the extraction of the copper a series of CCD tanks are used in the process to concentrate the essential materials from the process slurry. The nature of the process is extremely corrosive using Sulphuric Acid and erosive from the dense slurries used. From a tendering process Trepax was awarded the works through technical innovation, which put them ahead of leading multinational companies in this field. The lining of some eight concrete CCD tanks 30m in diameter lead to a 10,000 m2 award and because of the success of this job it lead to several more contract awards to Trepax Innovation within this project.



The system recommended by Trepax was a vinyl ester based lining system with a total thickness in excess of 5mm. The lining system was composed of many layers each with a definite role in providing long term performance and protection to the concrete tanks. These included a special crack-bridging layer, a conductive primer to allow holiday detection, a glass reinforced corrosion barrier and an aluminium oxide based top coat to act as an erosion barrier. As part of the of the scope of works we also designed, produced, supplied and installed a purpose built FRP launder system to manage the tanks overflow system.



This project was in a remote location in the mountainous areas of Laos and required special logistics to mobilise materials and manpower to the site. The extreme conditions meant we have to design and build a purpose built protection cover to allow work to continue to the tight schedule through all forms of tropical weather storms. Sensitivity of the materials to humidity and temperature were all added issues that needed a workable solution to install the linings as required by the schedule. Justification of our designs was realized when our protection set up, withstood high winds and mini-tornados during severe tropical storms. The purpose built structure as shown in the photographs allowed us to be ahead of schedule by a significant amount much to the clients delight.




Thai Aromatic Sanyong Epoxy Lining 2,200
Rayong Olefin Taisei Epoxy FRP Lining 2,500
Srisiam Hospital Siam Syntech Epoxy Lining 4,000
National Fertillizer Hyundai Tiling 2,500
McDonald's McDonald's Tiling 250
Frito-Lay Frito-Lay Tiling 3,000
Johnson & Johnson Golden Build Epoxy Lining 950
EGAT Krabi EGAT Vinyl Ester Flakeline  2,600
EGAT Rachaburi EGAT Tiling 5,000
Jong Stit Jong Stit Epoxy Lining 10,000
Asia Silicone Monomer Italian Thai Development Vinyl Ester FRP System 12,000
Dairy Plus Dairy Plus Vinyl Ester FRP System 800
Heineken Metz (Australia) Tiling 5,000
SCI Italian Thai Development Vinyl Ester FRP/Flakeline 3,000
Sepon Gold/Coper Mine OZ Minerals Limited Vinyl Ester Flakeline 13,500
Sepon Gold/Coper Mine OZ Minerals Limited Vinyl Ester FRP System 9,000
JW Marriot (Phuket) Thai Obayashi Tiling 1,200
Nisshin Mondien Foods Nisshin Mondien Foods Tiling 2,000
Nakorn Steel Mill Sino Thai Vinyl Ester Flakeline 6,000
Nakorn Steel Mill Sino Thai Brick/Tiling 2,200
Omon Power Plant Phase Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Vinyl Ester Glass Flake 8,000
Sepon Copper Expansion SPDG Vinyl Ester FRP 12,000
Bridgestone Fujikasui Vinyl Ester FRP 1,500
Vinyl Thai Toyo Thai Rubber/Brick 800
Phu Kham Copper Mine Ausenco Rubber 4,000
Kinevere Copper DRC Ausenco Vinyl Ester FRP 15,000