Our Flooring business group covers a wide range of flooring solutions for many kinds of projects. Typical applications for flooring include industrial, commercial, residential, food & beverage production, electronics and other specialist work. Floor materials are graded by thickness, the thickness used will depend on whether the service conditions are light, medium or heavy duty. Depending on the service conditions, specification or other requirements the flooring material may be produced from epoxy, polyurethane, cement, ceramic or vinyl based materials. We have a complete range of flooring materials applied as monolithic toppings, sheets or tile forms in many attractive or industrial finishes. All these systems are offered with a full design, supply and installation service to guarantee the long-term performance of the investment in the floor area. The table shows some selected job references of our various project portfolio, complete and specific references and case histories are available on request.




Carrefour Supermarket warehouse floor upgrade project in Amman, Jordan with a floor area of approximately 3,500 m2. This example of our work shows the international capabilities of our company of being able to tackle difficult projects outside our region. The scope of this project was to upgrade the previously failed epoxy floor to allow for a cleaner and more easier manageable work space for the client. This was to be done while the store was open during winter conditions in Jordan. Trepax offered a design, supply and installation support service working with our local partner in Amman to complete the floor to the client's satisfaction.



The system applied was a 2mm epoxy self-leveling coating system. There was substantial repairing to the concrete floor required and thorough preparation due to heavy soiling and contamination. A special fast curing grade of our product was used due to the limited time to access floor areas and because of working in low temperature conditions.



The original coating applied to the floor had failed due to improper design and subsequent repairs failed due to improper preparation. The client looking for a long-term solution had contacted many local suppliers to design and apply a trial sample. Trepax was selected because of its long track record with Carrefour in Asia. From the clients trials only Trepax met their requirements and were selected to do the work. This project had many difficult challenges including very badly damaged concrete, heavily soiled areas, low temperatures and working with the client to keep interruptions to his business to a minimum while the store remained and we executed our works.



Makro Christiani & Nielsen Floor Hardener 45,000
Ford Manufacturing (Thailand) Thai Kajima Floor Hardener 50,000
Sharp Appliance (Thailand) Thai Shimizu Floor Hardener 24,566
Sharp Appliance (Thailand) Thai Shimizu Epoxy Coating 12,000
Siam Guardian Glass Christiani & Nielsen Floor Hardener 38,258
Carrefour Hypermarkets Siam Syntech Epoxy Coating 150,000
Frito-Lay Over Match Epoxy Coating 1,800
HomePro DIY Superstores HomePro Epoxy Coating 40,000
Honda Thai Sato Epoxy Coating 1,900
KCE Electronic Thai Obayashi Epoxy Coating 6,000
Spy Wine Cooler Siam Winery Epoxy Coating 9,800
Jong Sitt Jong Sitt Epoxy Coating 50,000
Hoya Glass Hanoi Vinaconex-Taisei JV Epoxy Coating 5,000
Honda Hanoi Hazama Construction Corp. Epoxy Coating 36,000
PTT PL Christiani & Nielsen Floor Hardener 100,000
Continental TISECO Epoxy Coating 24,000
Aisin AI Factory Thai Takenaka Epoxy Coating 15,000
TODA PIPE Thai Nakano Epoxy Coating 6,000
Team Precision (Thailand) Q Tech Engineering Epoxy Coating 4,300
Siriraj Hospital Italian Thai Development Epoxy Coating 10,000
Advance Pharmacy Advance Pharmacy Epoxy Coating 5,400
Takata Thai Shimizu Floor Hardener 20,000
Sun Paradise (Thailand) Sun Paradise (Thailand) Epoxy Coating 7,500
Essilor (Thailand) Thai Nisshin Plant Epoxy Coating 4,855
Thai Containner (SCG Group) DKJ / Poteam Floor Hardener 40,000
Thai Automobile (Suzuki) Thai Maeda Floor Hardener 26,000