Trepax Innovation Company Limited was incorporated during the Asian economic boom of the 1980's when Thailand was considered one of the regions Tiger economies. This created a rapid development of infrastructure projects, high rise buildings and a move into industrialization away from Thailand's traditional agro based industries. During this rapid construction phase many overseas suppliers of specialist construction projects enjoyed the fruits of the expanding markets in South East Asia.
Although there was no shortage of specialist products available there was a shortage in the expertise of recommending viable solutions and providing an applicator with the credentials and knowledge to install such systems. The founders of Trepax Innovation who were engineers realized there was an opportunity for a company that could represent specialist product suppliers effectively. The ideology was born to represent selected specialist product suppliers, work with and educate design engineers in there use and offer a comprehensive design, supply and installation service under one roof.
This ideology proved to be successful and Trepax grew from strength to strength rapidly expanding in Thailand and other countries in South East Asia to build a strong a secure future to serve its long-term commitments to its customers and employees.
Today Trepax employs a multinational workforce and has a wide multinational customer base who it serves in many regions from the Middle East to the Far East. Our growth has opened up opportunities to realize our goal of becoming a region leader in a business that has infinite possibilities.