Our primary goal is simple, "Quality" a much misused and misinterpreted word that many companies quote but fail to realize. To achieve this both parties must understand the concept of "Quality" and because of this we chose to work with customers that are interested in quality and are prepared to apply their resources to achieve it.
To achieve our goal we must deliver the project to meet the design or process requirements, without non-conformance's, on time and within budget to remain competitive and be able to offer the customer the right solution at the right price. To control all these aspects and be able to deliver what we set out to achieve then we must have a one stop service that can provide the customer with design, supply and installations services and we have set out to realize this under the goal of Quality.
In the modern business world a company must have mission or vision statement and how many of these seem to be lacking in any substance or sincerity or just look like corporate blurb. Our vision is as simple as our goal. Our vision is to be regarded as a regional leader offering professional services that represent the interests of all stakeholders that can be relied on time after time.


Quality Policy

Trepax Innovation Company Co., Ltd. is committed to being a leading specialist contractor. We commit to conform to customer requirements and other application essentials, continually striving to improve our quality management system.