For Waterproofing applications we offer a variety of solutions to meet the demands of modern day projects. Typically waterproofing applications include roofs, basements, plaza decks, below ground structures, swimming pools and tanks as well as numerous applications for wet areas and leakage repair. To meet these demands we have a variety of solutions that can be classed as either liquid or sheet form, these may be based on crystalline chemically reactive materials, acrylic polymers, bituminous polymer blends, polyurethanes, EPDM or other kinds of polymer combinations. Correct knowledge and design at details such as joints, protrusions etc. are essential in providing a long-term trouble free barrier against water ingress. This will prevent premature decay of the structure or costly damage to internal assets of a building. Trepax has a long track record in correct design and installation of such materials and systems and the table showing selected references is testament to this. More detailed reference lists or case histories are available on request.



pix-service-waterproofThe example project shows a specialist application of waterproofing materials applied at several buildings at Bangkok New International Airport, Thailand. The buildings included the Airport Information Management System building, roof of the main control tower and the main Air Traffic Control Buildings, which house very sophisticated and important computer equipment. The total area was in excess of 2,500 m2. Trepax was chosen as the supplier and applicator for this project due the technical nature of the installations and our experience and expertise in applying such high value waterproofing systems to important buildings.



The system was based on EPDM sheet and was supplied by one of our USA based suppliers who are well known in the field of EPDM. This system had many complicated details and fastening system with many sub materials to be applied at these details. Correct knowledge and experience in how to prepare the surface, prepare details and apply the membrane to general areas, details and terminations was essential to provide a long term leak free solution to protect the buildings important assets. The waterproofing system was one part of a complete system with insulation and in some cases concrete toppings applied over metal roof decks which was installed by our service teams.



The project being a new national show case asset of Thailand was a prestigious project and Trepax were delighted to be associated with it. The project itself presented many technical and logistical problems from working at extreme heights in high winds and managing to protect the areas in a tropical climate from heavy rainfall. The reason for using a high value waterproofing system was to protect the electronic assets in the buildings associated with safely managing the airports control systems from the risks of water damage. Correct installation and verification through leak tests were paramount in confirming the system would work as designed.


Secon Square ltalian Thai Developement Sheet Membrane 70,000
Suvarnabhumi Airport Sino Thai EPDM 1,700
City Park Bang Na Christiani & Nielsen Sheet Membrane 10,300
Sampoom Garden Condo Christiani & Nielsen Sheet Membrane 4,000
Central Plaza Ladprao Philip Holzmann Sheet Membrane 29,000
Star Refinery Christiani & Nielsen Sheet Membrane 2,500
Sukhothai Hotel Sukhothai Hotel Liquid Membrane 2,000
Carrefour Hypemarkets Siam Syntech Polysulphide Sealant 18,000
Esso / Star Refinery Sino Thai Polysulphide Sealant 50,000
Jasmine Tower Italian Thai Development Sheet Membrane 5,700
Kaeng Khoi II Power Plant Sino Thai EPDM 2,500
Raj Mansion Philip Holzmann Liquid Membrane 2,000
Elephant Building Kasemit Polysulphide Sealant 30,000
National Fertilizer Hyundai Engineering Polysulphide Sealant 5,000
Thammakaya Jadee Thammakaya Jadee Liquid Membrane 27,000
Thai Oil Sino Thai Polysulphide Sealant 10,000
Indorama AKG Engineering Sheet Membrane 4,500
PTT PL Christiani & Nielsen Liquid Membrane 5,000
Philips Electronics Thai Nishimatsu Liquid Membrane 5,800
Bangpakok Hospital Bangpakok Hospital Liquid Membrane 6,000
PPT LNG Christiani & Nielsen EPDM 7,000
Johnson & Johnson Golden Build Bentonite Clay Sheet 2,000
Holiday Inn Syntec Crystallization 6,000
EGAT North Bangkok Italian Thai Development Sheet Membrane 3,500
Major Cineplex Standard Peformance Liquid Membrane 3,000
Thai Tap Water Supply Ch. Karnchang Liquid Membrane 10,000